Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Missions...There and Here

Having recently returned from a missions trip to Guatemala, I am renewed in my passion for helping God's finest creation, mankind, in whatever way I can. My daughter and I spent a week on the mission field serving in various capacities. We certainly had many opportunities for ministry in the traditional sense, but we also spent time with simple humanitarian aid.

Our focus was specifically with the poorest of the poor. We served those who live at the dump in Guatemala City. It touches me deeply to witness the deplorable conditions in which people around exist. It was heart warming to assist in building six new dwellings for folks. While our efforts seemed small among so many, I was reminded of one of God's principles during the process.

One day, while down on my knees digging a whole with a chisel and hammer, I contemplated how little difference this was making in the world condition. It seemed that I was impressed that my job was not to change the world, but to dig that hole that would uphold a 4x4 timber which would support a beam that would support a roof. It all works together. All each of us have to do is, what is right before us and, together, we can change the world.

Guatemala is a beautiful country with beautiful people. They were so sweet and loving to us. The children we served wrap around one's heart in an instant. It makes me want to bring a bunch of them home with me. Speaking of home, we live on a mission field right here. Every day we have the same opportunities the missionaries around the world have. We can serve, share, and witness to lost people. Every soul is worth the same to God!

If you are able to go on a missions trip overseas, I urge you to do so. It will change your life. If you are not able to go to the foreign field, then realize you can make a difference where you are. Missions is both there and here.

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