Monday, February 25, 2008


Hey Gang!  Over the last ten years I have read much of John Maxwell's material on leadership. ( I think he owes me a little royalty for all the stuff I have purchased.)  Of all the things that I have mentally ingested, perhaps one of the most striking things of his writings says this, "Your attitude determines your altitude!"  Think on that for a moment.

The direction of an aircraft in relation to the ground is called it's 'attitude'.  Obviously the plane follows the position of the nose.  If it is pointed is going upward, down = downward.  This same principle can be applied to you and me.  

Our attitudes, to a large degree, determine our success or failures.  Even our ability to influence others is often based upon our attitude.  Who likes to be around a whiner all the time?  It is quite sobering to think that the final product of our lives may well rest with the attitude we take in life.  I have found that it is really hard to defeat a joyous personality.  You and I should attempt to put on a 'PMA' ... positive, mental attitude the very first thing in the morning. (well, right after your socks!)  Doing so will put you ahead of the game, as people will like you and you will likely have fewer difficulties throughout your day.  

People have so many problems in this life, they find it unusual to see someone who is genuinely happy.  When we display the love of Christ it can be very refreshing to those who are hurting and sad.  As Christians, we should never have to fake happiness.  Scripture says there is righteousness, peace and JOY in the Holy Spirit! (Rom 14:17)  Happiness is a derivative of joy.

While we are not exempt from troubles, sadness and even disappointments, we can have an abiding joy within us.  This becomes the fountain of our attitude.  I challenge you to become intentional about your attitude.  Push away from negativity and the naysayers.  Focus on all that you 'can' do and those you 'can' help.  Remember your attitude will determine your altitude.


Tim Estes

Saturday, February 23, 2008

First Blog

Greetings Friends,

Today I will be 'random'... as my son so often says.  This is the day we kick off this 'new-fangled' blogging.  Whether it is written with a #2 pencil or typed neatly on a laptop, the bottom line is to communicate ideas.  Who said they can't teach an old dog new tricks? 

You see our world is actually shaped with ideas.  Words become the tools which help to build the future. Much can be said about how we speak to one another... and those who look up to us. According to James, our tongue (words) can actually bless or curse.  I hope this blog and every blog I write hereafter is uplifting at the end of the day.

 It is no wonder God gave to us His Word.  Words are forever!  The Word of God is eternal and everything within it is intended to shape us, our families, our minds, our churches and ultimately the world!  The more we here His words, the more like Him we become.  Be careful to whom you lend your hearing!

The Word of God will never pass away.  When God brings change to you and me through new concepts, or revelations, don't resist that!  Go for it!  Who gave to us the idea that God was finished talking?  He continues to speak to mankind.  What is great is that we can know it is Him by weighing what He is saying to us personally against the Bible.  If it aligns...then it is right.  If it does not align...then, "Houston, we have a problem!"

Blessings on all who signed on to this very first blog.  Let me hear from you.  Together we will grow in Grace.  I will try to get something to you at least two times per week.  Allow God's Word to shape your thinking today.  

Adios for now,
Pastor T