Saturday, July 26, 2008

Meditation...a Spiritual discipline

Christians are afraid of the word.  It smacks of something that weird people do...or a practice promoted by pagan religions.  What are we afraid of?  Meditation!

It is my feeling we cover our lack of discipline with many excuses, the above mentioned being some of them.  While I admit that opening ones mind to just any old thing would be like leaving the back door open at your open.  Soon a cat or a raccoon or a skunk will find its way into an apparent welcoming situation.  Satan too looks for opportunity to invade our minds.  

With that said I should warn the reader against hypnosis and yoga type meditations.  Even some martial arts experts need meditation to allow the 'energy' to come up through their body and give them hyper strength.  Be warned about freely granting such opportunity to evil.  It will take advantage.

By the same token good and wholesome meditation is important and vital, especially when we are talking about meditation on uplifting and educational reading material or the Word of God.  Charles Spurgeon, the great preacher said, "He is not the best student who reads the most books, but who meditates upon them."  Truly we find rest for our souls when we stop to just rest and think quietly about the scripture.  

David of old said, "As for me, I will meditate upon thy statutes."  How long has it been since you let the pendulum of your soul swing to a complete stop while you took in the deepest meaning of a single passage of scripture?  If its been a while, then slow down...and listen to your heart...listen to God.  Most of the time God whispers.  If that is true then you will have to be still to hear.  Try meditating in God's Word for ten minutes everyday.

Be blessed, 

Pastor T

Friday, July 18, 2008

Pressing On

If you have ever rode a roller-coaster you can probably recall that wicked clatter as the machine slowly climbs a very steep hill...clank, clank, clank.  I think the reasoning, besides the physics involved, is to let you see just how high you are getting before the exhilaration of the descent.  It is the thrill of the sudden drop that everyone stands in line for an hour or more for.  And thrilling it is indeed!  The older I get, the more those drops are mere endurance rather than enjoyment.

You know in life we like the downhill times too.  Times when things are good, free-flowing, enjoyment is at a high etc.  It has been my experience that those times come in cycles.  Usually after a long period of 'clanking' your way through some of the not so pleasant times.  Let me encourage you the ride is going to be worth the 'clank'.  

God has promised to be with us and go with us in the exciting times and through the times where we seem to be climbing...s..l..o..w..l..y.  While you are climbing be sure to take a look over the edge if you dare, and just watch the progress.  Progress will take you to where you want to go.  This applies if you are talking about your relationship with God, finding your place in the church, improving your marriage, or becoming a better individual.  Keep climbing.

When you break over the top and the exciting downhill times arrive, I hope to be there to hear you shouting with glee.

Have a wonderful day in Jesus.


Sunday, July 6, 2008


Today I spoke on the subject of Grace at NLT.  Very often this topic needs be rehearsed in all our minds.  The reason?  We all sin!  Scripture says so.  We should not placate ourselves with such knowledge, for grace is not a license to sin.  Rather, it is our salvation from it and the ability to rise above it.

We find in Ephesians chapter two an entire study on Grace.  Grace causes us to be all we can be.  In fact, if Grace was removed from the equation of our lives we may be surprised at how low we can stoop.  Except for the grace of God....there I alcoholic, a drug addict, a thief, a low-life bum.  

Let me tell you something else the lack of Grace produces.  Unforgiveness.  Although the scripture says it is more blessed to give than to receive, I have found it is a lot easier to receive Grace than to bestow it.  I have known people who were all too ready to hand out judgment and require humility in others, but when it came to their own mistakes, their own lies, their own problematic area's, they weren't quite as ready to require the same of themselves.

I pray that the Christian community will return to pouring out grace, forgiveness and help to those in need, and those who fall short of God's glory.  Remember, we all need it!  It is Grace, the unmerited favor of God, that will save us in the end.  It will not be by works.  Our best works is like filthy rags before God.  He is unimpressed with works that attempt to garner ones salvation.  On the other hand, God loves it when we do things for Him 'because' of what He has done in our lives.  Don't get the cart before the horse...or the works before Grace.

Think about Grace this week.  Dispense it with the same vigor with which you are more than happy to enjoy it.  


Pastor Tim